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To contribute resources to the cheatsheet, please review the Criteria for Inclusion below, and the Add Resource Instructions.

Criteria for Inclusion:

The resources are selected based on a literature review for each phase of foundation model development. Inclusion is predicated on: the perceived helpfulness as a development tool, the extent and quality of the documentation, and the insights brought to the development process.

Please ensure your candidate resource will meaningfully aid responsible development practices. While we do accept academic literature as a resource, this cheatsheet focuses on tools, such as data catalogs, search/analysis tools, evaluation repositories, and, selectively, literature that summarizes, surveys, or guides important development decisions.

We will review suggested contributions and (optionally) acknowledge contributors to this cheatsheet on the website and in future work.

Add Resource Instructions:

  • Option 1: Use this upload form to contribute a resource.
  • Option 2: Bulk upload resources by creating a pull request in this repository, extending app/resources/resources.jsonl.

In both cases, it is essential that the requested documentation on each resource is accurate and complete.

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